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Note: I'm not a professional webdesigner, but self-taught and working from home for a little side income ;-)
but nevertheless, I love what I'm doing, and (being a perfectionist) I don't finish unless my customer is happy!

Photo Enhancement

Don't we all own that shoebox full of old photographs that are somehow damaged, because they are so old that the colors are fading - or because your three year old has watched them while enjoying a chocolate drink..? Maybe you even still keep that favorite picture of your loved one, which you tore in two pieces when you were angry at him... and now that he's gone, you feel sorry! Well - no problem, as long as you still have the pieces...

Did you ever say "I wish I could take away some inches from my belly on that nice group photo"..? Well - no problem!!! I can not only remove some of those unwanted extra pounds, but also unwanted wrinkles or add a little more hair on Dad's forehead - and the button that is missing on his shirt (and exchange that terrible tie that doesn't go with his suit!).

But that's not all the magic... I can also remove an unwanted guest from your wedding picture - or add Aunt Edna to the photo of the family meeting she missed. If Grandma always talks about wanting a photo with all her loved ones on it, you don't have to let them come together from all the corners of the world... guess what surprise you can give her on her eightiest...! And if you still were not able to convince your dream guy that he will be much happier with you than with his present girlfriend, you can at least take her out of the picture - and put yourself in! (maybe that comes close to the limits of legality - but as long as it's just for your own pleasure, who cares?)...

But there are much more options to make your photos look so much better! Why worry about the weather when your wedding is on a rainy day... at least on your pictures you can let the sun rise and turn the sky into blue! And about that great pic of your little daughter - if only there would not be that mess on the floor... I'll clean the mess for you and take away everything that is disturbing you!

Some examples of what is possible to make your photos look so much better:

Change the weather :-) Remove disturbing background
Make a new picture out of two:

One confidential word: These days, online dating services are becoming more and more popular (and the world looks like a smaller place) - but please don't misuse our magic photo service to impress someone on the other side of the world... it will be too disappointing when (s)he finally will have to face reality! I'm not talking of some little "improvings" - but don't try to turn yourself into a movie star ;-)

Questions are for free ;-) so just send an email to aura2000 [at]


Don´t have a homepage yet?!?

Since nobody can do without it these days, why don´t you let me create one for you ?

  • Personal homepage (tailored for your personal needs)
  • Online photo album (for example your last vacation with pictures, text, background and music)
  • Product catalogue for small business (if quality is more important than quantity))
  • Event calendar (with pictures, links to other websites, etc.)
  • Website about your wedding (a piece of art with pictures, text, background and music)
  • ...or whatever you want to tell the world...

Note: of course, you can also get your photo-album (wedding, vacation, party, whatever) on CD

I can also maintain your website - like updating text and images

I create (according to your needs):

  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Buttons
  • Logos
  • Banners
  • Sorry, but no Flash & no Shopping System (yet)
I can also translate your text into German Language

Questions are for free ;-) so just send an email to aura2000 [at]

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