About me
My name is Moni and I'm from Planet Earth ;-)

I'm a hobby photographer and digital artist, but still do some watercolor painting, as well. My photos often serve as basics or ingredients for the designs I create in Photoshop. My main subjects are Spirituality, Cats, and my favorite places Maui / Hawaii and the Florida Keys, but anything else, as well, that the Muse comes up with ;-)

I was always creative and used to express myself through various kinds of art ... in the past, I painted, did clay modeling, classical ballet for 10 years and jazzdance for 6, played keyboards and bass guitar in a band. Now my main creativity device is the computer...

I'm a spiritual being, having a human experience ;-)

...and as the Native American elders say: "Everyone has a song to sing. This song is the reason we are on this earth. When we are doing what we came on this earth to do, we know true happiness". I think being creative is what I enjoy most... I feel the urge to see as much of this beautiful world as I can, and to express my gratitude by sharing that through my artwork
Thanks for visiting,

aura2000 2009